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BuyViscoFuse.com visco cannon fuse and pyrotechnic supply!

Welcome to BuyViscoFuse.com pyrotechnic fuse supply. Visco fuse is also known as cannon fuse, fireworks fuse, safety fuse or "wick". We sell a few different kinds of visco fuse, such as; fast visco fuse, pre-cut visco fuse and waterproof visco fuse. Having extra visco fuse comes in really handy when you are doing a backyard 1.4g/class C fireworks show, amateur rocketry, cannons or a science project. We also have sky lanterns and nichrome wire available. Make sure to read the Terms Of Sale page before ordering, as ordering from this website means that you understand and acknowledge them. Also please read the Shipping page so you can understand how we ship orders and the approximate amount of time it will take to reach you. All of our orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS), except where noted.

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