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Fast Visco Fuse

fast visco fuse

You want it, we got it! This is fast visco fuse, at it's finest. Burns very HOT and right at about ~1 to 2 second per foot. This fuse is great for daisy chaining 1.4g shells, cakes or as shell leaders. It's very flexible and guess what else? IT WILL IGNITE ANY FIREWORK FUSE! Don't believe me? That's OK, just watch the video to see the fast visco fuse igniting American Visco Fuse (considered by everyone to be the thoughest fuse to light). Just zip tie it to your cake fuse or shell fuse and you're all set (we suggest using two of the small zip ties about an inch apart)!

This new fuse is even better than the stuff we used to sell , it is pink in color and comes in 400' rolls, + or - 25'.

400' of Fast Visco
$45.00 : SOLD OUT

1200' of fast visco
$130.00 : SOLD OUT

In the words of Borat "WAH WEE WEE WAH!" This stuff is FAST and HOT, like Jersey Shore women with less fake tan. Seriously this is WICKED FAST - about .25 to .75 second per FOOT!!!! This stuff will also ignite any fuse, use same procedure as described for Fast Visco Fuse above, BIG side spit. If you put this fuse in a leader it's even faster, great quick match replacement if you don't have access to it. Paper fuse, about 3/32" diameter sold in 17' lengths. GET SOME!


1 roll (17') Super Fast Fuse
$3.00: SIONARA
5 rolls (85') Super Fast Fuse
$14.25: SOLD OUT

20 rolls (340') Super Fast Fuse $48.00: GONE

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